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 shoes are hand-wrought, constructed with components from India, Italy and hand crafted and finished in the heart of New York City.  The designs are made using eco-friendly, natural vegetable tanned leathers.  The shoe box is covered in the amazing Nepalese Lokta paper, each box a different color combination.  The shoes are fashionable, flexible, light and exceptionally soft, forming to your feet like a tight pair of jeans.

In 1948 my grandfather and father built a large New England shoe factory.  Frustrated with the antiquated machinery and shoe making methods my father traveled to Italy during 1956 and marveled at the shoe making processes and craftsmanship he found there.  Hiring a french designer he began importing shoes from Italy, eventually moving the family to Padua, near Venice, in 1969.  Up until 1980 I lived and worked in Italy increasing my shoe making and leather knowledge, apprenticing besides some of Italy's foremost shoe makers and designers.  Since then I've created shoe collections for many american and European brands eventually creating my own footwear brand, David Aaron in 1991.

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the younger son, Jared, my partner in the giraffe business adventure

my desk in the shoe lab in the factory on 38th street, NYC

our Spanish design studio